International Cake Contest 2011


Last Tuesday November 29 the 3rd International Cake Contest at IES Gabriel Alonso de Herrera took place in the traditional Technology Workshop premises.

The Contest involves preparing an international recipe in English with the supervision of the families. Groups can be up to three students. The group always presents the recipe to the audience orally and the jury evaluates the performance of all the participants.


The jury was made up of teachers and parents. This year the level was very high and as usual four different categories were given prizes. The names were as suggestive as "The rainbow in the Himalayas", "Chocolate Island", "Big Ben Cake", "Three Chocolates", "Brownie with Walnuts", "Coconut Snowballs" or "Kiwi Delicatessen".

The Rainbow in the Himalayas, Yoghurt Honey Muffins

Alfajores con Maicena


The winners this year are:

  • The tastiest recipe: Brownie with Walnuts, by Alberto T., Claudia and Laura, ex Aequo with Chocolate Island, by Rachel, Nuria and Natalie.

  • The most visually attractive recipe: Three Chocolates, by Alberto F. and George.

  • The most original recipe or presentation: Big Ben Cake, by Lucy, Dawn E. and Elvira.

  • The best oral presentation: Coffee Cake, by Sergio, Joel and Alex.

You will find more pics at the Photo Gallery in our Moodle server.