International Cake Contest 2013


One more year, last November 28, we celebrated our traditional and long-standing International Cake Contest. Like every year, we have awarded prizes to the best-quality performances from our students in 1º ESO Secciones Europeas. 

The best oral presentation of their recipe went to group number 7, formed by Paula, Fernando, Laura and Alejandro.


Alejandra, Alicia and Alba, group number 1, got the prize to the best decorated cake.


Best decorated


The most delicious cake was the one designed by Adrián Querencia, Alejandro and Laura Murillo, members of group 8.



And the last prize went to the most original cake, the one Ana Galindo, Caludia, Elisa and Marta Valero and Guilherme Guimaraes prepared.




All the winners received great prizes.