St James' Way Exhibition - Europa fue Camino


<Europa fue camino> ST JAMES WAY  exhibition (FEBRUARY 22TH 2011)

This year, the annual historical exhibition promoted by La Caixa, usually placed in La Alameda Park, not far from our school, was focused in the medieval St James Way pilgrimage, fitting our units 4, 6, 2 and 3. So we decided to visit it one day after the break.

Fortunately, there was one of the guides able to speak English, and she helped us a lot, doing her explanations in a very basic English, very affordable for our students, and besides including a wider historical introduction, from the fall of the Roman Empire to certain aspects of contemporary touristic and religious trips to Santiago.  

First, we worked in our classroom some of the main concepts involved, to ensure our students would have enough information to understand most of the exhibition, same from a social than from an artistic –and even technological- point of view. Descriptions of the tools used to carve the stones in the Romanesque buildings along the way, many maps of the way itself, several models of the main buildings and constructions, a medieval open market, and even a reproduction of the mystic environment inside the huge cathedral of Santiago de Compostela were the more interesting points for us.

So, finally, we can conclude successfully, getting our objective: learn enjoying yourself. To improve: handling information before, and collecting more materials (DVDs, graphics…) for our future classes. An experience to be repeated.

By Fidel Cordero